Saturday, May 14, 2011

What is seen isn't always as it appears - The Ordinary

In my previous post, I said that everybody sees what they see. Sometimes what I see at the moment, isn't really as it appears. The ordinary, the mundane isn't always what it appears to be. 

Look, See, Think

Matthew G. Beall  vision driven fine art photography  As It Appears  2011
Matthew G. Beall Photography   As It Appears   2011
  "Hey, look at that," is something we often say when we see things that somehow stand out. I think that's the point where we start to think about the thing we are looking at. It could be for a split second, but that's  enough for some to ponder the thing. Shadow has that affect on me.

I'm always on the lookout for interesting light and shadow. Very often I don't have to go far. I don't even have to leave my apartment.

Matthew G. Beall         2011

Matthew G. Beall   fine art photography 2011
Matthew G. Beall Photography         2011
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